The Lindsay Chronicles

"Come what may and love it." -Joseph B. Worthlin

Sunday, October 7, 2012


We have the kids the choice of Disneyland or Lagoon for Harvest Vacation.  They chose Lagoon, I guess that's ok with me, cheaper and closer :)  We did decide to leave Claire home with Grandma JoAnn and it ended up being really nice.  We headed down and went to the zoo and then went and visited with Allison and Adam.  On Saturday we went to Lagoon and Michael came with us and we had a good time.

Claire's 1st Birthday

I can't believe how fast this last year has gone.  Our Claire Bear turned 1.  She is really getting fun and getting a personality for sure.  We didn't do anything too big for her birthday, I guess you can tell she's the 3rd child, just cake and ice cream.  She did love her presents though :)

First day of School

 The first day of school came, and I was pretty excited.  It's nice to have the kids home, but always nice to be back on a schedule.  Mitch started on a Monday, but Libby didn't start until Wednesday and that was a long 2 days for a girl that was so excited to start kindergarten.
 Claire and I get to spend the afternoons together which is nice to have a little bit of peace and quite, but sometimes I think Claire isn't sure what to do with herself when so doesn't have someone constantly entertaining her.
Mrs. Warren
Moreland Elementary
4th Grade
Mrs. Johnson
Rockford Elementary

School Shopping and Lagoon

We have started another tradition by meeting my cousin Allison and her kids and school shopping.  This year we decided that we would bribe the kids to be good shopping and then we would take them to Lagoon.  It was a lot of fun, Al was a good camper being 8 months pregnant, I was feeling her pain the year before :)

Family Reunion

 Mike's family had a family reunion in Island Park this summer.  It was a lot of fun, there was a lot for the kids to do like, fishing, swimming, peddle boats, horseback riding.  Each family had their own cabin and each cabin had it's own hot tub, so that was a hit with the kids.  These were the only pictures I got from that weekend.
Libby and Kricket

Bear Lake

 Mitch had his last baseball tournament in Montpelier and so we camped out, watched baseball and got to go out to the lake for a bit.  Claire loved the water!

 Libby, Mitch and Chandler
 When we got home we were cleaning out the camper and Claire took a nose dive, so she looked like Rudolph for a week or so, poor baby :(

Libby's 1st year of T-Ball

Libby played T-ball this year for the first time.  I don't think it was as successful as we had hoped, but she made it.  She wasn't all that thrilled at the games, but it didn't help that they played double headers.  That's a long time for all of us to play and watch T-ball. 

I didn't get great pictures this year, but just imagine this.... Libby is a big girl for her age, for some reason she thought that T-ball should be a contact sport, so needless to say there was quite a bit of tackling and shoving to get the ball, it was quite interesting.  Hopefully we have better luck next year.